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Volume 34, Number 12

Vol. 34, No. 12
December 2023
whole number 408
2023 pages 089-096

A pair of features from newsletter regulars in here, with a few pages of Robert Kanigher's unused script for a Green Lantern story "The Light That Failed" and a few pages of Sheldon Mayer work with Tenny Henson on the unpublished Rudolph story "Christmas For A Cave-Man".

Robin Snyder discusses the background of those stories, and other unused inventory from his time at DC, some of which he got published, others which remain unseen.

Under The Gun has a letter from Nick Caputo, and a few recommended recent books.

And as usual for the year-end issue, there's an index to the past year.

Volume 34, Number 11

Vol. 34, No. 11
November 2023
whole number 407
2023 pages 083-088

Volume 34, Number 10

Vol. 34, No. 10
October 2023
whole number 406
2023 pages 073-080

Volume 34, Number 9

Vol. 34, No. 9
September 2023
whole number 405
2023 pages 065-072

Volume 34, Number 8

Vol. 34, No. 8
August 2023
whole number 404
2023 pages 057-064

Volume 34, Number 7

Vol. 34, No. 7
July 2023
whole number 403
2023 pages 0049-056

Volume 34, Number 6

Vol. 34, No. 6
June 2023
whole number 402
2023 pages 041-048

Volume 34, Number 5

Vol. 34, No. 5
May 2023
whole number 401
2023 pages 033-040

Volume 34, Number 4

Vol. 34, No. 4
April 2023
whole number 400
2023 pages 025-033 (8 pages)

Great issue for the landmark 400th, with a focus on Sheldon Mayer in his birthday month.  Up front is an unpublished single page Sugar & Spike comic from circa 1960 that even I had never seen before (and I have a list of some 300 pages of unpublished S&S material by Mayer).

Inside is a sample daily strip of Mayer's circa 1980 comic strip proposal for Sugar & Spike and four pages of an unfinished Rudolph the Reindeer story "Easter Parade", from the late 1970s and inked by Tenny Henson. The backcover goes back to 1949 for a look at the cover of SCRIBBLY #5, with a classic Mayer gag.

Also this issue, RS notes the passing of Neal Adams in 2022 with some words on his work and influence.

Volume 34, Number 3

Vol. 34, No. 3
March 2023
whole number 399
2023 pages 017-024 (8 pages)

This issue features excerpts from Robert Kanigher's 1943 book WHERE AND HOW TO SELL YOUR MANUSCRIPTS, published by Cambridge House, with its list of markets for comic scripts and a sample of a comics script format for "Adam Anthony", which I'm assuming wasn't a real comic.

That book was of course a companion to Kanigher's HOW TO MAKE MONEY WRITING... series, which included HOW TO MAKE MONEY WRITING FOR COMICS MAGAZINES, available in an 80th Anniversary edition.

In Under the Gun Robin Snyder looks at a few other early books about comics and there are letters from Mike Tuz, Nick Caputo and Joe Frank.

Volume 34, Number 2

Vol. 34, No. 2
February 2023
whole number 398
2023 pages 009-016

Volume 34, Number 1

Vol. 34, No. 1
January 2023
whole number 397
2023 pages 001-008

Volume 33, Number 12

Vol. 33, No. 12
December 2022
whole number 396
2022 pages 089-096 (8 pages)

Up front is part 72 of the Robert Kanigher bibliography, "The Mystery Of The Human Thunderbolt", featuring his character creations from 1947 to 1963.

Also featured are two pages from the Sheldon Mayer and Nestor Redondo unpublished "The Story Of Jesus" for DC, in both Mayer script/layout form and finished art by Redondo for the "Life In Bible Days" features.

There's a letter by Joe Frank "Under The Gun" and the yearly index to Vol. 33, 2022.